Can I pleeeease brag a little?

I’m just so proud! :cheering:

My son, who’s 16, is a piano major at his high school for the arts. This was an assignment in his recording class.

Dream of the Forgotten Child. Composed by David Lanz, arranged by Taylor Bellehumeur.

What you hear are several different “voices” on the electric piano, which he played separately and combined to make this arrangement. He, admittedly, has some minor timing flaws in it, but I can’t help but hear perfection. I’m a proud momma! :inlove:

Well done. :thumbsup:

Oh Kristen, it is exquisite! Please convey how lovely we think it sounds and what a wonderful job he did laying the tracks. You have a right to be proud. Just wait until you are a [B]grandparent[/B] and go to recitals, it gets even better if you can imagine.

He is gifted, and how lucky he is to find something so early in life which he excels at. I know he will continue to bring you such pride.

Just beautiful!!

Wow, that was so lovely. Tell him he did such a great job!

Very nicely done! You have a right to brag on such a talented child!
Bravo! :yay: :yay: :yay:

A wonderful concert to enjoy my morning coffee with!


Wow that is fantastic! What talent! :cheering: :yay:

That’s so beautiful! Such talent at his age - he’ll go far.

How beautiful ! Don’t we, as mothers, sometimes feel in awe of the
talents our children have?
Musical talent is a gift your child can give to others, to uplift them and
bring them much pleasure. He will have this God given talent all his life.

When he was a child, did he prefer listening to music,or dancing to a beat? How did this talent manifest itself in your child, at an early age?

Some children show their natural ability as TODDLERS, as in being extremely agile, or able to perform athletic stunts easily, or, seem to be compelled to take things apart, just to see how they work.

Thanks for this post, Photolady! I am fortunate enough to have two, wonderful children and both have developed their talents. One is in training as a Nurse, the other is a Mechanic. I do remember the disassembled toys and the rag on the forehead “patient”. LOL! :teehee: Mary

Thanks everyone! :muah:

Taylor has been taking piano lessons since he was 6 years old and his talent and skill is the result of many, many, many hours of hard work and dedication. It’s such a joy and honor to be able to have him play in the background as I do housework, knit or sew. He has a keyboard and an electric grand in his room, so when he’s learning a new song or just practicing, he’s in there with headphones. I rarely even hear a song until he’s got it down pat and he comes to play on the big piano in the livingroom. So it always seems like he’s just perfect the first time. lol :heart:

I’m always envious of those with musical talent as I have none. Congrats to your son and congrats to you and dad. How lucky you are!:cheering:

:yay: How beautiful!

I enjoyed listening to this, it is so relaxing. You have every right to be proud, it is wonderful:happydance: :yay:

brag away
just beautiful

That was just beautiful! :yay:


divine talent!!!

This is incredibly beautiful! :inlove: Does he write music as well? Let us know when that first CD comes out!