Can I mix yarns that felt?

:?? I am working on the clogs, and I have knitpicks WOTA and cascade 220, can I mix yarns and felt them? Will the felting still work? Thanks, Sherry

you can do it but yarns tend to felt differently between manufacturers, so you might get mixed results doing it. might be a good idea to do some test swatches to see what happens.

Some yarns felt at different speeds, but yes, you can mix both yarns.

I made a kid’s pair with Malabrigo and Cascade and it worked out fine.

Both of those yarns in my expierience felt very well and for me in about the same amount of time.

Along with the others I concur that different yarns felt differently. Beware of the Paton SWS as it really felts very very fast so it might not be a good idea to mix it unless you do a combined swatch of it and something else and felt and see how it works out for you! Happy Felting!!!