Can I Mix Acrylic Yarns???

I want to knit a zigzag afghan for a friend. I have 2 of the 3 needed colors in Bernat Super Value yarn. None of the stores near me sell that yarn and I don’t want to order just 2 skeins online. My question is can I buy some other acrylic yarn to use for the 3rd color?? Like Red Heart SS or Caron One Pound?? What do u all think??


Although I don’t like doing it, it has never presented a problem as long as the yarns are the same weight.

Sure, the yarns are all around 18sts/4inches, 100% acrylic and machine wash and dryable.

IME Caron One Pound is a heavier weight yarn than Red Heart Supersaver and requires larger needles, has fewer sts/in. Those I would hesitate to mix. You could take a ball of the yarn you have and compare it in the store to see if they are close enough to the same thickness. I’ve not used Bernat Super Value but my impression from others is that it’s very similar to RHSS.

I have various leftovers of different brands of acrylic yarn and who knows which is what anymore. I mix them as long as they are close enough in weight that major gauge changes don’t become a problem.

Thanks everyone!! I will take some of the yarn I have to the store to compare!!! I’m so excited! Hopefully I’ll get to start this afghan soon!!


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