Can I make a suggestion for this forum?

I was just looking at everyone’s WIP and it seems the first question out of everyone’s mouth, after exclaiming how bleepin’ gorgeous everything is, is, “What kind of yarn is that??”

So, maybe when we post our pictures we can add a note on the pic that says what yarn we’re using.

Just a suggestion!

Good idea. :thumbsup:

EXCELLENT idea!! Let’s make it a RULE to post as much info about the pattern as humanly possible!

:thinking: Is there a way to mark the posts you have already read?

I think the detailing on the yarn and pattern is a wonderful idea :thumbsup:

Yes…click “mark all topics read” at the top right of the forum.

:doh: Its that PFS (parent fatigue syndrom)

Thanks Kelly :thumbsup:

edit: oohhh wait I do that but when someone adds to that post it turns yellow again and the PFS keeps me from remebering what I’ve went into LOL is there a way to mark them for good that you have read them even if someone posts a new post under them :thumbsup: