Can I lightly press this with a pressing cloth?

So, I am making a star pillowwith some yarn that my DD gave me for Christmas. It’s acrylic/rayon (whichis fine, I’ve only ever used acrylic thus far :slight_smile: ).

My question is that since each dimaond is stockinette stitch, it is curling up. When I go to sew these together, that should be interesting. lol Can I really lightly press them to make them stay open? Or should I just deal with it and pin them together and seam it up?

It’ll be a cute little pillow. It’s Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee Pomp yarn in crayon colors. Very bright and fun.

Well, ironing or steaming acrylic can kill it…which means it loses any elasticity permanently. That may not be a bad thing for a pillow, but I’d test it on a swatch first. :think:

If you are at all concerned about that you can get it wet and then pin it out to dry in the proper shape. It won’t stay permanently, but should be good for seaming.

I don’t want to kill it. I want it smooshy and soft for her. I didn’t realize that wetting it and pinning it flat would keep it flat. I was thinking the stockinette would still pull it in. That’s probably the way to go. I’ve about got the first 5 diamonds done… so I can pin them out tonight and get to seaming this weekend.

thanks. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I don’t know that they will be completely flat, but I would think it would help enough for seaming.