Can I lengthen a finished shawl? (Question about edging too)

I made this lace poncho, except I wanted to keep it a rectangle and use it as a shawl so I didn’t sew it up. It came out great…I was really surprised because I had made some mistakes along the way while knitting the pattern, but I was able to go back and fix each one because I counted my stitches on every “resting” row (thanks to helpful advice from KH members! :muah: ), so I was aware right away on when I missed something. :cheering: It was a small victory for me because this is the first time I’ve knitted a lace pattern and was able to not only fix my mistakes, but actually find them! :teehee:

So my only problem is that I knitted to the 55" length, and I guess I wasn’t allowing for it being a shawl (the largest length for the poncho was 55"), so for me, it’s a bit short. It’s not a huge deal, but I was hoping I could add some length to it if at all possible. I could crochet something on either end, but how might this look if it’s not exactly the same pattern as the main body of the shawl? Also, how would a crochet border look attached to the garter stitch border? Would it look “added on” as an afterthought because there’s a garter stitch border all around the shawl?

You could gasp cut the cast off edge and tear it back, then pick up from a resting row and keep knitting. You’d only lose a little bit of yarn and you could add a bunch of length.

You know what? As much as I dread cutting off knitting (gasp is right! :teehee: ) because it makes me nervous, this is a GREAT idea! Thanks, aylaanne!!! :muah:

:teehee: No problem! That’s what I did when I decided that the first sleeves that I made for the guinea pig dresses were too tight, I cut the cast off edge off and ripped them back. I hate cutting knitting too, but it’s actually kind of fun in a sacrilegious way. :oops: Have fun! Be sure to show us the finished product!

You could also pick up stitches at each end and knit a border or edging. You can find borders and edgings in some stitch dictionaries. There are some free edgings below:

I happen to think that lace borders and edgings really add something to a lace shawl. Edgings have to be knit sideways to the main shawl. You can either knit them separately and seam them to the shawl or attach them every other row on the WS by knitting the last stitch of the edging together with a stitch from the shawl end.

These lace edgings are just beautiful! :inlove:

The yarn used for the lace shawl that I made is a bulky weight yarn (14 sts x 18 rows = 4" on size 10½ [6.5mm])–would any of these edgings look good with the same yarn, or should I perhaps go with a worsted weight of the same color?