Can I knit in baby class?

The hubby and I started our Prep for Childbirth classes and they are in the evening after a full day of work. It is sooo boring - admittedly there is not much that is going to old my interest in the evening after a long day of work esp when I am sitting in a very uncomfortable folding chair.

Would it be rude of me to take my knitting ?

I find that when my hands are occupied my mind is more open to what is being said in a meeting. But not all presenters like dual tasking.

Take it all that can happen is you are asked to put it away. To which I would reply that I’m an adult and I paid for this class as long as I am not disturbing other students I will continue to knit.

To which I would reply that I’m an adult and I paid for this class as long as I am not disturbing other students I will continue to knit.

I prob would add to that…

If this class was interesting, i wouldnt [I]need[/I] to seek other activities.

I don’t recomend that tho. Altho, it might make them try to make the class not so much a snoozer…:think:

I SAY KNIT!!!:knitting:

If this class was interesting, i wouldnt [I]need[/I] to seek other activities.

Uhhh no. Especially if one used the ‘I’m an adult’ phrase too…

IMHO it kind of depends on what is going on. During a lecture might be okay, but if you’re supposed to be watching a movie/video or some other active situation then I don’t think it’s a good idea. I would ask the instructor how they feel about it. If she says no then don’t and remember the class won’t last forever. :wink:

Your question, ‘Would it be rude of me to take my knitting?’ - In a word, yes. You haven’t indicated if this class is required, how long it lasts etc., however, sweetie, I’ll guarantee you if that baby (your 1st?) comes in the evening after a long day of work, it’ll hold your interest and you’ll do the hardest work you’ve ever done. Learn what you can now to help you get through this moment in your life. I hope you have a very healthy baby. After that bundle of joy + consternation arrives you’ll be very happy to have even an uncomfortable folding chair to sit in. A sort of magic happens with your first born. All chairs (beds too) seem to develop a button that is activated every time you plunk your body down on them,(if you have more babies - more buttons!) something happens with the little one or your bigger DH or ??? and you’ll have to lift your fuzzy, sleep deprived brain & sorry, you know what, up and take care of things. So take advantage of every chance to sit down and put your feet up and learn what’s important for you and your pregnancy now. I’m sure the class will get more interesting and knitting will always be there to do and I’ll bet you do it well, judging from your start date on this site. One day I’ll write a sort of OT post about taking my knitting to jury duty. Most fun I ever had, being bored & almost getting arrested! Jean

Oh how well I remember childbirth classes and mine were 35 years ago. They were snoozers then. I’d just call ahead and ask her if it’s ok to bring your knitting. The worst thing that happens is she says no. I’d take something fairly simple though, something that doesn’t require a lot of counting and attention to detail.

Like Janette, I would just call and ask, and explain that it helps you concentrate. I used to do crosswords in lectures in college and I also kept notes, because it just helped me to absorb the information than if I was staring vacantly at the professor.

Word it as diplomatically as possible.

If I sit still too long I fall asleep. I take my knitting with me everywhere. I sometimes knit in church with my bible on one knee and my notepad on the other. My minister is okay with it because he would rather me be alert and receptive to the message. I often try to arrive early enough to ask and I usually only take the basic projects that do not require complete concentration and counting. If you are having trouble concentrating, go for it… and take a cushion to make the chair more comfy. Happy Knitting!

Ours were beyond awful, too. Kid always got up from his afternoon nap at seven PM on the dot, and guess when classes started? They had us sitting on mats, although we never actually did anything, and it was miserable to hold still with him lunging around while the instructor read from a stack of papers for an hour. I’m not exaggerating–it was that bad. We went for six weeks and learned absolutely nothing of use. I learned Lamaze breathing from a book. If your class is that bad, see if you can find a real childbirth class in your area!

Thank you for all your input. I am currently working on a felted bowl which takes NO concentration what-so-ever. That is a good idea to ask her and perhaps explain that it will actually keep my hands busy and help keep me focus on the conversation. This is not a Lamazze or Bradley class, it is a class run by the hospital that goes through the specifics of what to expect at this hospital.

Better than using a crackberry/Iphone/Droid etc in class, I say.

I was briefly told I had to attend faculty meetings at the university where I work…I would be one of 2-3 females in the room. I went and all the guys were on their blackberry’s or reading notes - so NOT paying attention. I mentioned that I didn’t have a blackberry, but I did have a pair of socks I was trying to get finished for someone…but NO it would be inappropriate for me to knit in the meeting. Needless to say I don’t go to faculty meetings anymore.

If this class was interesting, i wouldnt need to seek other activities.


Well, I just wouldn’t have asked! I would have just brought it with me, and waited to see if anyone said anything to me. If they did, THEN I would have told that person that when the guys put their Blackberries away, I would put my knitting away. But that’s me. [I always did have a hard time “coming out of my shell.” As you can see, I am quite the “shrinking violet” type!]

I take my knitting almost everywhere, lectures, meetings etc. I pay close attention to what is being said and use the knitting to keep my hands busy. The only place I don’t knit is Church.

I do not believe it is in any way rude as long as you are paying attention to what is going on.

I would not take something I had to read directions or a chart for but rather make sure it is some kind of no brainer knitting. I owuldn’t sit right up front and I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Just take your knitting and if it feels right, do it.

I think you can knit during baby class, particularly if it’s a mindless project like you say it is and if it helps you focus. If, though, you find it is distracting you from what is going on, you probably want to put it away.

But you might miss the important part where they tell you where to push from! :wink:


Oh, is there a part where you’re supposed to push???