Can I Knit Booga Bag in the Round or w/Magic Loop? -- Stuck


I didn’t realize, before getting started on this that I would need larger DPNs, so of course I’m not prepared.

I do, however, have Options circulars…24", 40", 47" and whatever else came with the original kit.

Can I do this without the DPNs doing it either in the round (after I pick up stitches) or doing magic loop?

Thanks everyone. :muah:

Definatley - the 24" cables should be perfect for doing it.

The only think you need the DPNs for in the Booga bag pattern is the i-cord and you can do that on circs too so no need to worry at all about getting the DPNs or even doing ML if you don’t want to!

That is good to hear because I already have it on 24" cables.


Thanks bunches!


I’m going to be starting this also. My yarn and needles arrived today. What yarn are you using? I’m using Paton SWS

Magic Loop knitting is in the round.

I’m using Noro (95) just like the picture.