Can I knit an angel?

I want to knit a angel into a blanket pattern…
I can’t find anything online so far can you help?

Sassie Cassie

I found this one!!!

If you’re having a problem finding an angel in the “knit” catagory, try googling “cross stitch angel patterns”. You can actually use a cross stitch pattern and replace the outline cross stitches with purls. Or draw an angel onto a piece of paper, then using graph paper, adjust the drawing to the graph squares and purl the marked squares. It’s not a quick thing, but will work perfectly!

If you have a field of stockinette, you could also do an angel image in dupe st. Depending on how large, you could map and color on knitter’s graph paper (or print the paper in a smaller scale). Dupe also allows for use of diff colors (no need for bobbins if you opted for intarsia) and no concern as to placement while working the blanket being it’s done after the fact.


I’m not sure how big you want the angel to be; but, here’s another one…also a dishcloth

Both of the recommended knit angels are great suggestions. Either could easily be worked into a sweater front or an afghan block or as shown – a dishcloth. Very clever and nice of the designers to share their patterns!


You do need to be careful if you find a cross stitch chart and want to use that. a cross stitch is a perfect square, while a knit stitch is not. It is possible that it will convert to a knitted background and look fine, but it could also be distorted.

I want to Thank you all for helping me those are great I brain storming for my step-dad’s 50th b-day
i have about 2 months so I figured I probaly should have started already…
Thanks a bunch!

Hindsights 20/20 mine is no where near that good…