Can I just say Mmmmm

Last night I finally decided on the rainy day scarf for my Malabrigo I got from krp2. I wound it just before I went to bed, took it to work with me to show a knitting coworker, and I was at work all day thinking about casting it on. I kept looking at it and fondling it, trying to be patient.

But I cracked. I got to the train station a few minutes earlier than usual for my commute home and sat right down on a bench and got started.
Can I just say mmmmm! So soft and buttery as it slipped through my fingers like… well I’d better stop here before I get too graphic.

Anyway, I’m hooked. I want more.

Okay, you guys are driving me crazy!! I confess – I’m a Mmmmm virgin, but I’m really getting the feeling I’m missing out here. Anybody know of a good sale on Malabrigo?

I’m with Slim - I feel like I’m missing out on this euphoric experience! Okay, okay, I’ll buy some. But it had better be amazing! lol :pray:

This stuff [B]IS[/B] amazing. I am so flipping hooked on it. I don’t even want to use any other yarn these days.

I bought some from for $9.95 and that is the cheapest I’ve seen it (other than K2P2, but she’s out). However, I do know that some of the stock at MTY is out or backordered so hurry up.

Personal Threads has the largest selection I’ve run across online and they are quite reasonably priced w/ good customer service. The best thing about this yarn is not only that it is SO soft, but you get 216 yards for less than $11.00. That is well within my budget.

Get some!! :yay: