Can I have some help with this

I’m trying to make this bear

but will be turning it into a skeleton LOL anyway. I am still new to knitting so curiously

Leg #1:
Cast on 8 stitches
Garter stitch 16 rows
Leave tail and cut yarn

Leg #2:
Same as #1

Knit across both legs (16 stitches)
Garter stitch for 16 rows

So when you do leg#2 the leg 1 stitching is left on your needle…right? Am I understanding that correctly? I feel so stupid

Yes you are correct. Leave the stitches from leg number 1 on a spare needle or stitch holder and slide them back on when you are done with leg number 2.

Thank you!! I’m glad I was understanding it right! :slight_smile:

Don’t ever feel stupid! I swear, pattern writers are sometimes told to type out the instructions blindfolded and with the keyboard behind their backs:) .

OH MY!!! and I thaught we were the ones having a hard time… Just by trying to decipher the pattern!.. never thaught of what the writer was goin through!!! :smiley: hehehe,

Thanks everyone! Especially since I have a new question!

In this pattern (I found the actual pattern for what I was going to make the bears into)

■ Make 2 pieces, embroider one (front). With Buttercup, cast on 4 sts for top of head. Inc at the end of every other row until you reach 14 sts. Row 11 Dec every other row,
until you reach 6 sts. Row 21 Knit across. Row 22–23 Cast on 12 sts each row. Row 24 Inc 1 st at each end. Row 25– 28 Knit. Row 29 Dec 1 st at each end. Row 30–31 Cast
off 12 sts each row. Row 32–33 Knit. Row 34, 36, 38, 40 Inc 1 st at each end. Work next 5 rows in St st. Row 46 Split into two legs. Row 47–62 Inc 1 st on outside of leg, dec
1 st on inseam. Row 63 Dec 1 st on each side. Row 64 Bind off.

I’m ready to: Row 22–23 Cast on 12 sts each row.

does this mean on row 22 cast one 12 stitches in that direction and on row 23 cast on 12 in the other way?

lol am I making any sense? I REALLY want to get this done.

i’ve only made 1 toy so far and he’s not even sewn up but how i’d read it is on row 22 you co 12st and on row 23 you co 12st as well, so in the 2 rows you co 24sts.

but for my mioney you’re reading it spot on.

i agree that pattern writters dont make life easy for us lot do they lol.

i had a jacket i’ve just finished that they actually screwed up the pattern with the hood to the point i tried 4 times (i understood the patterjn so no excuises lol) and frogged it lol. it looks just fine, not quite as i wanted but still ok.

think i may follow you later and make the tedy bear its cute :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Susi! I went ahead and did it that way and have finished his arms. I’m working on the torso and about to start the legs. He’s going to look a bit funny but at least I can use it as the back of the skeleton and start the other half and hopefully it will be a bit better since I have the pattern down LOL

glad its worked out. its horrible when you keep reading a pattern and no matter how many times you read it through it gets more and more confusing ( i confuse myself often with them and have to say to my mum that i know its simple but im being dum lol).
a bit of frogging is my method of knitting i think lol. things never quite look like they should on the pattern haha. but thats just the way i am.

I’m lost AGAIN!

Row 46 Split into two legs. Row 47–62 Inc 1 st on outside of leg, dec
1 st on inseam. Row 63 Dec 1 st on each side. Row 64 Bind off.

How does one go about splitting into 2 legs?

ok my guess (and it is a guess) is to divide the sts evenly, so 23st on spare needle and work on 23, then do teh same to the opther side.

but as i said i’ve just made 1 toy that was dead easy, there was no splitting for legs etc

Ok I thought that is what it meant and have half the stitches on a spare needle. My problem is. How do I start knitting off those stitches when I finish the one leg… does that make sense?

And I’m so so sorry for all my questions LOL I just really want to do this pattern

I think this pattern has got the best of me and I’m giving it up. Maybe I can find someone who will make these for me and I can pay them sigh

No, no, no-- don’t give up!! You’re really getting it! When you go back to do the other leg, just reattach the yarn. In other words, when you finish leg 1, cut the yarn, leaving a good couple of metres or so of yarn. Then, reattach it to the 2nd leg. To do this, again, leaving yourself a bit of a tail, just pick up and start knitting again. Then, after a few stitches, go back and tie it on.

Currently it looks like something puked on my knitting needles lol.

I’m not sure what you mean by reattaching it to the second leg. How do I get a ‘tail’ for the second leg.

I’ve not given up yet, but I am completely befuddled

And by the way, don’t worry at all about asking loads of questions. When people learned to knit in the old days (like my youth:) ), we were taught by mothers and grandmothers who had been doing it for decades and were experts. They walked us through every step and possible problem. Also, there were far fewer patterns and knitting books, so everything was much more standardized. It’s very different now, and the plus side is that it’s much more creative, and the minus side is that it’s much more :wall: and :gah: and :doh: and :hair: and :frog: . But also ultimatley :woot: :cheering: :woot: :cheering: :woot: :cheering: . So keep at it, you’ll get it!!!:hug:

Okay-- on the second leg: just take the yarn and start knitting again. What I mean by the tail bit, is that you want to leave several inches of the yarn dangling so that you have a bit to handle when you go back to tie it off. It you just have an inch or 2, it will be harder to manage. Does that make sense? If not, ask again!

Just thought of something-- have you ever changed colors, like, done stripes? It’s exactly like that when you reattach the yarn for the 2nd leg.

nope haven’t changed colours yet so that’s kind of unknown, but I watched the tutorial.

Currently I have half the stitches (one leg) on one needle and the other half on the other. I think I’m missing a step in sepparating the legs. Because if I do it how I’m thinking then my leg two won’t have anything to ‘pick up’ with does that make sense.

Let’s start with this: do you get how to do the leg number 1?

If the answer is yes, then go ahead and do that and leave the 2nd leg stitches on the spare needle.

When you are done with leg 1, do you bind off the stitches? If not (I’m almost 100% positive you do, even without seeing the pattern), then put those on another spare needle or stitch holder. But whichever way, cut the yarn, leaving about 2 metres (you may need 3 inches, but better to be safe than sorry!).

Now, you’re going to leave that leg and go back to leg 2. Just start knitting (most likely you’re just going to repeat exactly what you did for leg 1). You’re just going to take your yarn and start away. It’s so frustrating-- I just looked at the videos here on this site and on youtube and no one has it. It’s so simple and so difficult to explain in language.