Can I Get Some Help Please?

I am going to knit my dog, Jake, a sweater using this pattern. The thing is, Jake does not weigh 3 pounds. He weighs 8. What should I do to adapt the pattern to his size? I sm going to use size 10.5 DPN’s with worsted weight yarn. Can I cast on more stitches in the beginning? But if you read through the pattern, it gives you specific instructions, so how would I do that if I have more stitches OTN then she did? Thank You very much.

Since this isn’t a regular type pattern she doesn’t have a gauge. You’ll have to wing it… I think if you do a gauge swatch and measure your dog you can figure out how many to CO. Then you’ll need to know the distance between the front legs for the arm holes.

When you are using different yarn and needles especially the only way to go is to gauge swatch and measure. I think.

Try going up in needle size to 10.5s, maybe even 11s. That should do it.

Going up in needle sizes should work. I have two dogs of my own, a 5 lb. dog and an 8 lb. dog, that I made sweaters for recently. Using the directions from a pattern I had CO 34 st with US 9 needles the sweater fit my 8 lb. dog, going down a needle size with the same cast on fit the smaller dog.

I’m guessing the 48 st CO in the beginning is for the dog’s neck, what I’d do is measure my dog’s collar/neck to see how many inches it is, make a gauge swatch to see if the 48 sts would be large enough to go around my dog’s neck then change my needle size to get as close to it as possible. And hopefully that will work out.