Can I fix this? Binding off in middle of row

I’m working on a felted bag which calls for making slots for the strap to go through. You knit 8 stitches, bind off two, knit to 10 from the next marker, bind off 2, and do the same between the other markers (2 sides,front, and back of bag).

Next round, you knit around, and cast on two stitches over each set of bound off stitches. (I think I did that right!)

However, when I got to my third marker, I realized it wasn’t even there! In my mindless knitting, just went from marker to marker, without checking. SO, I missed binding off the two stitches before the marker than is missing.

Is there any way to drop down to the row below and bind off where those should have been? I tried to make up something and played with it a bit, but it doesn’t appear to be working.

Any suggestions? I’m just going to have those slots be off by one row if nobody knows what to do–but I thought I’d give it a go at fixing it if someone has an idea!

You could put a piece of yarn through the two stitches that weren’t bound off and then cast on above them. You could sew the ends of the yarn to the inside of the bag. Felting will hide any differences.

Felting would probably hide the holes being a row off, too.

Or you could tink back and redo the row.

Any of the above would work.

You could probably even put a hole in the felted piece when you’re done with it.