Can I enlarge this pattern?

I am making the following afghan which calls for 20 squares, or 5 squares of 4 patterns. This is a wedding gift and I’d like to increase the size of the blanket from this (below) to possibly 30 squares, or 5 patterns and 6 squares of each.

This is how it is now:

Do you think this is possible and simple enough?

I think you could enlarge it!! Buy extra yarn and make extra squares in the patterns you like best. This will make a beautiful afghan when finished!!!


The easiest way would be to use larger needles, 9 or 10s. That would make each square slightly larger. Or make one more of each square and lay them out in a pattern that would fit together well.

Thanks Suze, I am already knitting with 9s.

10 more squares would work very well. You could make 2 squares of each of the 4 patterns and then 2 more of your favorite ones. It will indeed be a very beautiful present.

I never thought of that, I was just going to create a new pattern for one square. Thanks for the advice!

Well, creating a new pattern is a wonderful idea. I don’t want to stifle your inner designer here.