Can I do this?

I am making a hat for my son. I cannot seem to get the ribbing right on DPNS. SO I have cast on on Straight needles. I was thinking about doing the ribbing on straight needles and then switching to the dpns for the rest of the hat. Then there is less to seam (which I HATE). Can I do this?

You could do that.

When you do ribbing in the round, though, you k2, p2 on [I]every[/I] row (if you’re doing k2p2 ribbing, that is.) Maybe that what your problem has been?

Yes, it depends on what ribbing you’re doing. For it to work on DPNs, you need to have… an even-number of total stitches for K1, P1; a number of total stitches that can be divided by 4 for K2, P2. Then you just K1, P1 or K2, P2 till the tube is the right length. No seam. Nice hat.

A quick hint: I’ve found that when ribbing on DPNs, it is far easier if the first stitch on each needle is a Knit stitch instead of a Purl. For some reason, it’s easier to snug the K stitch to the other needle.