Can I do this to make a headband?

I am making a headband…I tried to k1p1 for the whole thing but I stunk at that and ended up having to rip it out…

Could I just knit the bottom and top with a smaller circular needle for a while and then switch to a bigger needle at in the middle to keep the ends from rolling or would that not work?

It is supposed to work for hte bottom of a hat so I was hoping…

How much on each end should I knit with the smaller needle?

I’m not real sure what the problem is here. :?? How exactly are you making it?

Garter stitch is garter stitch–it rolls. I’d try something else…if it’s the constant change between knit and purl that throws you–try something like knit 3, purl 1…it’s a very invisible ribbing and it’s extremely stretchy!

Garter stitch doesn’t roll much, but stockinette rolls like crazy. I think. You’ve got me confused now. :??

Yeah since I am on circular it ends up being stockinette…I am knitting the whole thing.

I read that in order to knit a whole hat and keep it from rolling at the bottom you could knit about an inch or two with a smaller circular needle and it wouldn’t roll…so I thought I could do this to keep the ends from rolling on my headband instead of a combo of knitting and purling which I wasn’t very good at.

I think I may need to switch to continental…maybe then I won’t be so frustrated by how awkward and slow the switch feels. Any other opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Stockinette rolls no matter what size needles you use. Ribbing keeps it from rolling, as does garter stitch or seed stitch. Something that slows it down a bit is to purl the first row (in the round), then switch to knitting every row. Purl the last row as well, or bind off in purl. That helps a bit.