Can I do a scarf with mostly knitting?

I’ve only been knitting for a week now and really don’t purl fast. So I was wondering if I could make a scarf with mostly knitting. My boys want scarves with a stripe of color on either end (need to figure out how to add a second color:???: :???: ). I was wondering if I could use my pattern on the stripes and just knit the rest? I would go much faster that way. I thought maybe I had heard that it would curl up. Not sure. TIA

If you do all stockinette - knit one row, purl one row and alternate - that curls up something fierce. But you could do some rows of garter (knit every row) , do your stockinette pattern with about 5 sts on each edge (beginning and end of rows) in garter, then go back to several rows of garter and keep going like that, ending in garter rows like the beginning, that should help.

Ok so it is the stockinette that curls up. So I could do 6 garter, 10 double seed (2nd color), then garter for the center, 10 double seed (2nd color) and 6 garter to finish? That would go pretty fast.

It is also very easy to add a new color. Just make sure that you add it when you are looking at the right side, that it makes it look nice. All I do when I change color on something is knot it… that is a BAD word in knitting, BUT I don’t leave it knotted. I make a loose knot and then I knit a few rows and then I un-do the knot and weave in the ends when I am done. Hope this helps.

That makes sense. That weaved in part wont come out? When I start I work it in to the stitch, but I guess you can’t do that when you switch. Atleast I can’t seem to wrap mind mind around it without doing it anyway.

Hey, knot is not a bad word! :teehee: I use knots in all my knitting, that way I know the ends will stay together. I adjust them so they don’t show, then stick the ends under the nearby stitches.

I’m glad to hear that because I wasn’t quite sure a scarf without the new yarn knotted on was going to be able to withstand my two boys. :slight_smile: I’m guessing that is the way that I can add my second skein on yarn on a project that I am working on now. Same color, I just need to add a new skein.

Yep, supposedly knots are a big no-no. People say they move around to the front, on sweaters they rub you, they come loose, etc. I don’t ever have that happening… maybe they don’t know how to make knots? :wink: