Can I change needle sizes?

I am knitting a log cabin blanket for my son. I’m loving it BUT it is taking forever and he would really like to have it by winter.
Before I start experimenting on how to make this project go more quickly I was wondering if there was a formula to jump up needle sizes. What I am thinking is if I am kntting with 5’s, go up to 10’ and knit 2 together will that work? I don’t want ruffles and I really want to speed this up.
Any thoughts at all would be appreciated.


If you jump from one needle size to the other in the middle of your knitting it will make the fabric bigger (or smaller).
I would certainly do a swatch with the size 10 needles and another with 2 strands to see how much bigger (smaller) they are compared to your knitting.

If you go up several needle sizes and just use fewer stitches, even if you get the same size blanket, I’m concerned that the end result may not be what you’re looking for. If you use needles that are much larger than suggested for the yarn weight (worsted, bulky, etc.) the resulting fabric would be very loose and drapey. So if you used size 10 needles on a dk or sport weight yarn, I think the stitches would be very large, and might not end up making a very warm blanket.

For quick knit blankets that you can do on large size needles, bulky yarns would probably work the best. But for something that’s supposed to have size 5 needles, I’m not sure if there’s much you can do. If you were willing to start over, you could probably double your yarn and go up in needle sizes, but I don’t think there’s anything that can help with the progress you’ve already made.

Don’t give up, knitting is totally worth it. And please don’t forget to enjoy the process!!! Good luck :thumbsup:

Thanks to both of you for your knowledge. My best bet at this point is continue on the way I have been. It will be awesome when it is done and it is pretty mindless knitting so good for a lot of situations, it just goes really slow.