Can I bring knitting on an airplane?

I will be flying to Cancun on Sunday, and want to bring some knitting with me. It used to be that one couldn’t have sharp objects of any kind on an aircraft, but I thought I heard that knitting is now allowed…but not tiny, pointed-end scissors? Anyone have any difficulty flying with their knitting?

I always take knitting on airplanes both within the US and international flights. At least circular needles are not a problem.

It my be different flying internationally, but it’s fine domestically. I always bring my knitting. I take just what I need on the plane, my project on waste yarn and put the rest in my checked bag in case there is an overzealous TSA agent then I wouldn’t lose everything.

I’ve heard of a few cases where it confiscated in London and I think one other eastern European country which I can’t remember.

A friend of mine just flew from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to LA, California USA and brought her knitting. Shes using straight needles to knit a scarf. She had no issues.

I have always brought my knitting and have never had a problem until last time. The last time we flew the security men spent 20 minutes discussing if the needles were ok…they came to the conclusion that they were fine LOL.

I always bring cheaper needles so if I have to they can keep the needles and I can save the project. So far it’s never happened though.

I read online today that I should bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope with me, in case I have to mail back my needles, or even my knitting. I might just do this. Clever idea!

Flying to Mexico is not the same as flying within the US. Check your airlines website for what’s allowed; sometimes plastic or wood circs might be, but not metal needles. This is for carryon, for checked luggage any kind would be okay.

Thank you guys so much for the information! I’m actually going to be flying next week, so I was really curious about this. I’ll definitely take care to bring an envelope, as well as print out the page that was linked.

The last time I flew, I brought knitting with no problems. Really helped speed up the trip, too.

When I flew home, I found I’d left my knitting bag in the rental car. :pout:

Clever yes, but if the airport can’t/won’t send them back it won’t do you any good. I did that the first time I flew with them and I mentioned that I had it just in case. They looked at me funny and said they don’t have a mailbox. Huh.

okay being a newbie
this may sound not so smart… But what about those the things that look like giant kilt pins …Take a few of those and transfer your knitting onto those so you don’t lose what you have already done…If they do take off with your needles. I couldn’t do that but i am sure you knitters could…or one of those long cable ties…they would probably work as well maybe better .only an idea…:star:

Beebuzy you can also take a piece of yarn (thinner is better) and thread it through a yarn needle then take it and go through the stitches. I’ve even used unwaxed dental floss. Just make sure it’s long enough so it doesn’t pull out of the ends. I usually make it long enough to loosely knot. :thumbsup:

The darn airlines take everything! Like I want to sit on a six hour flight with out my knitting needles! They looked at us sideways when we brought syringes in my purse because my husband is a type 1 diabetic! And they took our snowglobe I gave my mother for christmas and threw that away too! I think it depends on the airline? I would definately call first before bringing them, as they just THROW stuff right in the garbage, don’t donate it, wont send it back to you… just throw it away :frowning:

I’ve flown across the country many times, on all the major airlines, with my knitting and never had a problem. :thumbsup:

Very clever idea! I would add that a [U]padded[/U], stamped, self-addressed envelope would be best.

I’d take it to the post office with the needles inside…have it weighed for postage…buy the stamps…but don’t stick them on the envelope until needed! That way you won’t waste the postage if you’re able to get past the TSA agents.

I think it depends on where you are, and who is looking at your knitting. I flew from the US to Germany to the Czech Republic with a WIP on needles in my carryon. Coming home I was stopped in Germany with the same piece and told I couldn’t have the needles. There was much discussion, then he wouldn’t give my knitting back so I could take it off the needles and onto a piece of yarn and instead he pulled the needle out and threw them both away. It was incredibly frustrating. And the website said knitting needles were allowed in the carryon. :frowning: I hope you have better luck than I did. And a great time in MX.

My husband and I were filing through the security checkpoint at the Huskies Stadium (University of Washington) a couple years ago for our granddaughter’s graduation ceremony. You know how lonnnnnnnnnnng those events are!

So I brought a simple knitting project. The IDIOT kid at the checkpoint didn’t want to allow me through the checkpoint with my knitting. I said, “Are you kidding??? REALLY??? Get someone over here who knows what they’re doing. The TSA at the airport has been allowing knitting needles for years!”

I dug in and stood my ground. After a lot of discussion with his fellow idiots, finally someone with a brain said, “Guys, anything the TSA allows IS ALLOWED through this checkpoint!”

:wall: 15 minutes of idiocy…Gramma got in with her knitting.

So anyone at any airport could run into a stubborn agent, just sayin…but I wouldn’t argue with an agent at an airport, EVER! That’s an argument you will always lose. None of us wants to go the route of Alec Baldwin! LOL!

There’s a new saying…just like we all know what GOING POSTAL implies…the new saying is GOING BALDWIN at the airport (or on the plane)!

I tried that once. Unfortunately the airport didn’t have a mailbox so it was useless. Fortunately I didn’t have a problem with the needles anyway and never have.

Like I said, I just bring ONE set of needles and minimal accessories for the project and put the others in my checked bag. That way if they take the needles I’ve still got more when I reach my destination. I’ve always got reading material so I’d survive.

When I took a trip to a Punta Cana resort (Dominican Republic).several years ago, which involved 3 flights/airports each way…I didn’t even try to bring knitting on the planes even though knitting needles were okay in USA.

If it had been 2012, I’d bring my fully loaded Kindle, my DVD player, and lots of Seinfeld DVD’s!

You’re right Jan, there sure is lots to do besides knit! :wink:

Yeah, having the Kindle my last trip was awesome! I was able to finish a book and then start another and not have multiple paperbacks with me. I’m not sure I even knit last time! :lol: