Can I bring bamboo double points on the plane?

I am leaving for Texas on saturday and I want to do some baby socks.

Shouldn’t be a problem, but check these threads already posted about this. The search feature is a wonderful thing. :wink:


Knitting on the plane

NTSA info

yep–we just had a thread recently abou this from when I flew to CA…I took several types, sizes and materials of needles with me and no one even hesitated.

I didn’t have any problem with them on my flight last week. I had two sets of bamboo DPNs and 8 sets of metal circs in my carry-on.

Flown with needles several times the last couple of months…no problems.

I am really suprized that circs arent considered a problem. Not to be morbid but they would make a really good garote.
Hm…also might be a good weapon in a mystery novel.
The villan could be a man who knits…hehehe :devil:

:lol: There are mystery books loosely based aound knitting out there. I read one where the victim was stabbed with her own straight needles!

Anyone know of any airlines that will not allow knitting needles on the plane? We’re flying to Disney in September and I want to take something along to work on at the airport and on board the plane. Maybe even in line at the park too :roflhard: