Can I Brag?

I just wanted to tell someone. My husband and I took pictures of the new Dallas Cowboy’s stadium when it was under construction, and I’ve just been informed that one of our photos will be included in a Dallas Schmap…Here is the link if you want to see the photo.

That’s great! You have every right to brag. My mom and her husband were talking about the new stadium yesterday. They said it’s beautiful.

I’ve never seen the inside of it, but my BIL and sister took a tour of it, and they say it’s pretty nice. DH and I want to take the tour sometime in the fall if they’re still having them.

Congratulations! Always fun to have your pictures posted.

Yes you can brag it is a great pic. Would you mind if I could send the picture to my friend. She lives in Virginia and comes from Texas. She and her son are great Dallas fans. I know she would love to see it.
And again a great picture!

How awesome, congrats!!

Yes, you can send it to her. :thumbsup: