Can I brag?

I am so proud of myself!!! LOOK!!! This is my FIRST SOCK!!! It’s coming right along, don’t you think? I’m SO excited!!! :cheering: :woot: All I have left to do is go around and around until I get to the toe!!! Yay, yay, yay! I can’t believe it!

I read the instructions for the toe and the closure and it’s all explained so well that I really don’t think there will be a problem. Hot Dang, I will now be making socks for EVERYONE!!! (My dad already put in his request for his socks for next year’s Christmas present!! LOL)

It’s amazing, when you knit on the right side of the needles things just come out like they are supposed to :whistle: laughing at myself (You may have seen my post about the first time around that the heel was headed the wrong direction, ACK!!!)

But all is well now and I am just SOOOO happy!

So, CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: This was Silver’s Sock tutorial, and I just wanna say, if you’ve been too chicken to try it, WHAT’RE YA WAITING FOR??? It’s a piece of cake! Just hold your breath, follow her instructions, and it all works out exactly like it’s supposed to!


I’d also like to think my producer…
No really! DOH!!!
It’s late, I’m giddy, hee hee!

:woohoo: I so want to be in your position right now - I still haven’t knitted a sock yet, and just know that I’ll be at least excited as you! :yay: :cheering:

Got all excited and forgot to add the picture and for some reason it keeps saying I’m not logged in when I try to edit. Let me see if I can figure out how to put it up here…

So let me see if I’ve got this straight. Cheryl, you’re just a [I]little[/I] excited about the sock? You should be, it’s a great color and you’ll feel so proud when you wear them. I like Silver’s Sock tutorial also, and my DGD always goes for that pair of socks when getting dressed.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing both when you’re done.

:thumbsup: Congratulations on your first sock!

Congrats on your first sock. Just make sure you cast on it’s mate right away so it isn’t lonely. :rofl:

Socks are addictive.

As one of the chickens who has yet to even cast on a sock, I applaud you:cheering: :yay: Seems like everyone knits socks, but I have yet to try them. I just keep making sweaters, which I really enjoy. Keep up the good work the sock looks wonderful!

Yay! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Sockcitment!!! Yes you can brag… and you have every right to! Gorgeous sox. The colour is very pretty as well! Way to go!!! I look forward to seeing a picture of BOTH socks soon!

lol im the other ay around. make socks but im too scared to try a sweater yet … so much yarn!!

Well done for your first sock. arnt heels satisfyng?:yay:

Very good job!!! Socks can be so intimidating, but they aren’t really that hard!

:woot: YAY! It looks great!!

First sock is a HUGE accomplishment, but I second the thought, start the second sock RIGHT AWAY! You SHOULD brag!!
Keep it up

Awwww, thank you everyone for the congrats, yes, you are right I need to finish up and knit the other one right away.

You people who do sweaters but not socks - we should get together! I could learn from you! I’m afraid of the armhole, sizing, etc. Plus I don’t know that many instructions yet as far as increase, decrease, etc. I’d like to invest in a good basics book just to have on hand for a reference (in case I’m not home to come to the BEST reference source - HERE!)

I’m already checking out patterns with more interesting cuffs!

Congrats on the sock! I am just starting my first one. Wish me luck!

Looks great!!! :hug:

what do you think? My own creation though with a little mistake… if you can find!!! Hehehe


Apologies, i have post wrongly on your thread. I have requested the moderator to remove it.


Yhea!!!:cheering: :yay: :woot: :woohoo:

I want to make a sock too! Just one sock would be a start. Then I’d worry about making it a buddy.:aww:

That’s a pretty sock in the making! I like Silver’s tutorial too…