Can I adjust this sock pattern?

I have 2 balls of cascade fixation yarn that I want to make a pair of ankle socks with. I found a pattern on cascade’s website, but you use a provisional cast on, and I’ve never done that before. Here is the link to the pattern, instructions are at the very bottom. Could I just use a long tail cast on, and then just knit the desired length of the cuff? I thought about doing like a K2P2, but the yarn has elastic in it so I wouldn’t have to do that, or would I?

Well they sure make sure you’re well-informed about casting on with the provisional cast-on in their instructions… NOT!!! :shock:
Now that I’ve vented my frustration with poorly written instructions, I’d say that in order to have the rolled-over cuff “thingy”, you’d need to do a provisional cast-on. If you just wanted a straight cuff with no roll-over, I would go ahead and use the long-tail. Clear as mud?

I don’t want the rolled cuff, just a plain one like the ankle socks at walmart, so I think I’ll try the long tail.
Thanks! :smiley:

I found this tutorial on picot cast on. It’s easily understood … UNLIKE the cascade fixation pattern that you have! So, should you decide to do the picot cast on, I hope this helps :wink:
EDIT… I thought that I would give you these patterns for fixation in case you don’t have them :wink: