Can I adjust this pattern to an XL/XXL?

[B]I am more endowed then what the pattern calls for . I realize it is suppose to fit tight but I don’t want it tight.

[B]I don’t have the skills to adjust patterns . Can someone help?

Please don’t post the whole pattern here, just the link is fine.

Yes, you can increase it a `size’, or even two. Look at the number of sts difference between the sizes given - for the back that’s 4 sts per size. So inc the CO by 4 or 8 sts and adjust the other st numbers accordingly. You will probably want to adjust the length given as well. has a short but very informative (I think) tutorial on this topic:

So sorry suzeeq I didn’t know I couldn’t post the pattern , it was a free pattern. Again I am very sorry.

Thanks for the info .

Even free patterns are copyrighted and owned by someone else, and the site owners can get into trouble by the holder. It’s okay to post parts that you have difficulty understanding, and a link to the pattern is helpful because there’s usually a picture so we can see what it’s supposed to look like.

Good to know, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble that’s for sure. I love this site. I feel like such a twit .

Ah, Nanaof6…:hug: Since you’re human, you’re allowed to make a mistake now and then. Otherwise you’d make the rest of us look bad! :wink: