Can I Add Sleeves to A Vest Pattern to Make It A Jacket?

My mother likes vests so I started to knit her a vest. I finished the back piece now, and let her see it, then she complained it is too thick to be a vest. I use superbulky Woolease. I tried to tell her when it’s winter she will love it thick. She was not convinced. I hate to waste the yarn and work, and she doesn’t mind if I convert it to a jacket.

Question for you expert knitters: can I finish the vest and add the sleeves to it to make it a jacket?

:XX: waiting nervously…

I don’t see why not.

Yes, you can. Knitting is magic! Depending on the pattern, once you have the shoulder seams done, you can either cast the stitches on the body or do the sleeves separately and attach them later. I think, because you’re probably not certain of the drape of the shoulders, it might be better to cast them onto the body and knit down.

Good luck…