Can I add a collar to my finished Shrug?

How can I add a collar to my shrug that I have already finished?? check it out in my blog. I like my shrug but I would like it better with a simple collar on it. Can’t I knit something and weave it onto the shrug??

There’s no link to your blog to see it.

Can you pick up and knit a collar right onto it?

I posted a link to my blog. How would I do it though? I’d like a collar that looked like a rolled collar Could I do it like the cuffs? k2,p2 type collar? How do you increase and decrease for something like that on the ends??

She means her Blog Thread, not an offsite blog. However, where is the picture, nana? You just posted the link to the first page…

I found it at the end of the blog thread. Looks nice as it is!

I don’t think a collar in k2/p2 will roll - you may need to do it in stockinette stitch to get it to roll.

Here are a few patterns similar w/collars. These may give you an idea of where to place the collar and how to work the decreases to get your desired shape.

PS - Love your felted clogs, too!

Thanks guys, and I’m sorry I didn’t post the link to my blog thread the right way. :shrug:

The stitch pattern on the shrug is just knitting back and forth. I think that’s called a garter stitch? Still learning.

Would I make it seperate from the shrug and then attach it?

It would be much easier to pick up sts and knit it on. An easy way to do that would be to knit a 2x2 rib all the way around and the part that’s at your neck would roll to be a collar. Or you could just do the ribbing on one side and that would always be the `top’.

Sue how do you knit a 2x2 rib? Do you mean k2,p2 ???

Yes, k2, p2.

Well, I’m not Sue, but yes, that’s what K2,P2 rib is. You knit two stitches and then you purl two stitches.

If you’re knitting flat (which I think you are since you’re picking-up around the neckline) you’ll alternate between one row of knitting two then purling two, and then on the next row, purling two then knitting two. (Otherwise you’ll get moss stitch which is another thing entirely. :p)

Also, just so you know, that K2,P2 collar WON’T roll. You’ll need to switch to stockinette to do that (working flat: knit one row, purl one row, knit one row, purl one row, etc.)

Ok, my shrug was knitted on circular needles. I just knitted the whole thing and I think the finished stitch is a garter stitch??? I am still new at this sorry. I posted a picture in my blog on here.

I knitted a row and turned the needles and knitted again. So , will a stockinette stitch look ok with what I did? And which way will it turn??

Yes, that’s garter stitch and you can pick up sts and knit garter stitch for a collar too.

The ribbing won’t roll on it’s own, but if it’s long enough you can fold it back.

I want it to look right but I want to use a different sts one that will look ok though with the garter sts.I’m scared to start anything for fear of messing it up altogether.:???:

Why? If it doesn’t look right, you can take it out and start over again. I’ve been playing around with pattern stitches the last week, knitting a pattern, then ripping out and redoing with an extra stitch or another variation, whatever occurs to me as I’m going along. It’s only yarn, not stone!

Ok, I think I can do this, but where do I start on the side that I want to but the collar on? At the cuff ,or find center and try and figure out a starting point from there??? How would I do the increase and decrease on the sides???

Maybe I’m not ready for this. I can do increases and decrease but I don’t know about this.:wall:

I want to make a collar that blends in . Do I k2tog on ends to decrease?
if so what do I do to increase on the other end?

The side that I’ll be adding a collar to is a straight line edge.In garter stitches, I would like the collar to kind of have a half rounded look to it when it’s done, does that make any sense??

To decrease with a left slant (on the right edge) you would SSK or sl 1, k1, pass sl st over. The k2tog is a right slant dec for the left edge) You could pick up stiches, and starting with the next row, dec a stitch on each edge. Then knit a row, dec on the next row again. Alternate the dec rows until the collar is the length you want, then bind off.