Can I adapt this pattern to a heavier yarn?

This afghan pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, but I would like to use a heavier yarn. Ideally, I could use Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick, which is super bulky, this is Thick and Quick’s gauge:

[B]Knit:[/B] 9 stitches x 12 rows = 4" (10 cm) on size 13 (9 mm) needles

But the pattern has a basketweave pattern, and I’m afraid if I used the heavier yarn it wouldn’t work out. I don’t understand exactly how to substitute different sized yarns. Is it possible to adapt this pattern? How would I do that?

Thanks so much for any help!!

Afghan pattern:


I’m sorry I had to remove the full pattern for the afghan…cause of copyright laws KH can’t have full patterns posted :thumbsup:

With an afghan it’s easier to sub different yarns…'cause the actual size doesn’t have to fit someone… I try it with a skein of the heavier yarn just to see what the pattern would look like in it…and then if you like it go from there. :thumbsup:

I agree…you could just do a swatch and adjust the number of stitches you cast on.

By the way, the gauge you have there doesn’t sound like it would be for a worsted weight yarn–it sounds more like a chunky yarn gauge. So going up to a bulkier yarn may not make as big a difference as you might think. Size 13 needles for worsted weight are awfully big.

I’m so sorry about the copyright laws, I didn’t know, it was a free pattern.

The gauge for the 13 needles was the Thick and Quick yarn, not what the pattern called for. I am at a loss as to ask for help if I can’t post the pattern directions?? Can I at least post what the gauge in the pattern is supposed to be? It is supposed to be :

[B][FONT=&quot]Materials:[/FONT][/B][FONT=&quot] Worsted weight yarn, about six 6 oz. skeins, One 36" circular needle, size 10½
[B]Gauge:[/B] 4 sts. and 5 rows to the inch [/FONT]

The pattern creates a basketweave, with each block being 10 rows long. Do I lesson the rows needed if I use heavier yarn? Ack, it’s hopeless, I can’t ask for help without posting the pattern. Can I at least post the next directions? This is not the whole pattern:

[FONT=&quot]Row 1: K 5, (border), K 10, P 10, repeating across row, ending K 10, K 5 (border)
Row 2: K 5, P 10, K 10 repeating across row, ending P 10, K 5.
Repeat rows 1 and 2, 10 more times (a total of 12 rows).
Row 13: (Reverse Pattern) K 5, P 10, K 10, repeating across row, ending P 10, K 5.
Row 14: Repeat Row 1 as above.
Repeat rows 13 and 14 for a total of 12 rows.

I’m just afraid if I use a heavier yarn, the size won’t work if I have to have a K 10 P 10 pattern. I’m afraid the basketweave “blocks” will be too large, and screw up the pattern.

Barb, you can post a few rows of a pattern or info, just not the entire pattern. One thing you can do is to post a link to the pattern. It always helps us if we can actually see the pattern and what it’s supposed to look like finished.

If you use heavier yarn it will affect the final outcome of the pattern and it will be bigger if if you do it as written, but it won’t screw it up. That is just a basic basket weave pattern.

The best way to determine the final outcome is to do a gauge swatch. The pattern is 4 stitches to the inch so do a gauge swatch and see what you get. You can also determine if you like the fabric the heavier yarn produces with that needle size and adjust as necessary.

There are no rules about knitting a pattern so if you feel it would work better with k5, p5 blocks or some other variation do that.

You can just follow the pattern, but only Cast on about half as many stitches. They need to be a multiple of 10 sts because the pattern is k10, p10 with 5 sts on each edge (10 sts). But because the thick yarn is going to be about twice the gauge, you might change it to k5, p5 and the blocks will end up about the same size as in the original. So you would cast on in a multiple of 5, leave the edge sts at 5 also to keep it easier to follow the original instructions.