Can I adapt a pattern?

I have made these fingerless mitts–quick and easy (although next time, I may add a cable on them for added interest)! They use worsted weight yarn. While wearing them, I wondered if I could make kind of like a “cap” to fit over the exposed fingers to turn these fingerless mitts into mittens. I stumbled across a pattern on Knitty that does exactly this–it’s almost like a little hat to fit over those fingers. The Knitty pattern uses fingering weight yarn, but as I pointed out, the pattern I used uses worsted.

In order to make these little “caps” for my fingerless mitts, do I treat it kind of like a hat, in that I’d cast on the same amount of stitches as I did for the fingerless mitts, do some rib, knit in the round using stockinette, do decreases until I reach the end and then pull the yarn end through the few remaining live stitches to finish off?

Pretty much, Cookworm. Think “glittens.” Here are few more patterns along the same line of thought.

“Glittens” can be practical when you still need the manual dexterity of your fingers; however, it may be too cold to expose the digits all the time.

Glittens!:teehee: :rofl: That’s cute! Thanks for the links and the help!