Can circulars totally replace straights?

that is, can I do away with spns and dpns.

Well, technically yes. You can use magic loop or two circs in the place of DPNs and of course you can use circs in place of straights. Now that I learned how to use DPNs though I prefer them for some things. I’m still learning though.

Circular needles CAN replace straights. They are awesome for bigger projects such as a blanket or knitting wide panels. But you can knit back and forth on circ’s like you do regular straight needles, you don’t connect though.

And the best part about circ’s is that you’ll never forget a needle! :wink:

well i think you are still going to want to keep your DPNs around for things like icord at the very least…but i have never bought regular straight SPNs…never even attempted to use them.

I use circs almost exclusively…like bren said, my dpns are the only other needles I use. As a matter of fact, I’m going to order some of the cool new dpns from knitpicks…and the interchangeable set :wink:

Yup… I only use circs and DPNs. In fact, when I have tried to teach beginners’ classes at the LYS, I ALWAYS drop the right needle! :roflhard:

I guess so, but it’s something about the “tradition” of straights that keep them my favorites.

[color=blueviolet]I only own one pair of straights and they came in a how to knit kit. I use circs exclusively. As for DPNs, I don’t own a single set. For icord I just use my Denise’s without the cord. For small diameter knitting I use the MagicLoop method.

Hey Rebecca, I just placed my order for the KnitPicks interchangeables. I can’t wait to get them. I hope I like them better than my crappy Boye set.[/color]

I use circular needles and dpns almost exclusively, but straights tend to be really good for intarsia!

Why do you want 3 interchangable sets? Are you like me a shopping addict, or it is necessary for certain projects?

I was going to say circs for everything, but I have to agree with you on this one. I did a sweater with lots of intarsia and found that, though heavy, straights worked best, but for the life of me I don’t remember what caused me to switch. I think it was just that it was much easier to see what I’d done on each row. (plus if you have a lot of yarn hanging off the back, circs can get caught in it)

I have a fair whack of straights… and I use them.

I LOVE my circs, and will usually use those… BUT

When I want CHUNKY needles, I need to use straights…

And I LOVE my caseins!!! can’t get those in circs…

I DO, however, want some of the knitpicks nickel plated needles… I just need to wait until after bub is born (or until I get my EOY bonus) before I can justify buying them :smiley:

[color=blueviolet]I don’t use the Boye set because it sucks. Plus, I tend to have a lot of projects going at once. As much as I love my Denise’s I love the feel of Addi Turbos the best. I bought the the Denise’s because I just couldn’t justify buying all of those Addi’s in mulitple lengths. So I only have Addi’s in 000-4 in a 40" lengths for ML. Also I love trying new things, my dream job would be product testing.[/color] :smiley:

For the first time, I needed to use my boye set along with my denise set on this project (bombshell from BGK). I needed the smaller size needle for the ribbing and now for the sleeve and neck lines.

It has finally given me a chance to use both sets properly on a project. I adore my denise, I wish they came in smaller sizes! The boye set was ok but not as smooth as denise - the cables annoy me a little on it, so little flexibility.

I also have a FULL set of Pony straights that I got from ebay. I’ve barely touched them since getting the denise / boye sets so I think I would have to agree that circs can pretty much completely replace straights (except DPNs).

I like my Pony set for straights BUT they are just too long. I also love the feel of bamboo straights I only have one or two pairs in bamboo, eventually I’d get a full set if I saw them cheap enough and short enough.

I’d like the try the knitpicks ones but gonna wait on what the reviewers say and then will have to find someone willing to take delivery for me in the US and forward them on to me :wink:

Have you ever tried the magic loop method? Before doing away with your DPNs, try it and see if you like it. I personally don’t care for it, and would rather knit on DPNs.

But technically, yes, circs can replace all other needles, and I use my Addi circs 90% of the time.

I have aluminum straights in all sizes, but they just sit in a vase looking pretty. I haven’t used them since about a month after I started knitting and discovered circulars work way better for me. I do still use dpn’s, for small diameter knitting with small needle sizes (like socks) because the join on most of my circulars drives me crazy. I bought a couple of the new knitpicks needles in size 2 and 3 to try them for socks, and if that goes well, I may give up the dpn’s.

Circs all the way! I’m not even sure I would know how to handle straights anymore :slight_smile: I do still use DPN’s although I have used the 2 circ and magic loop for small stuff. Sometimes, DPN’s still just seem more convenient, plus it’s fun to change up methods anyway.

I use all kinds of needles, because I have so many projects going at the same time.

Oh! And I LOVE to use the long straight needles for back scratchers! :lol:


[size=6][color=indigo]I am going to be knitting a child’s sweater. Can I use circular needles instead of straight? Does this change the gauge?? Does it make it looser or tighter. Thanks for any help. [/color][/size]