Can blocking a sweater help with small gauge issues?

so i’m almost done knitting my first sweater and I thought I had been keeping gauge very well but I must have came a little off size because when I measure the back of my sweater again it is a medium according to the pattern not the small that I was going for. So in reality it is about 1.5-2 inches wider than I had originally wanted. My question is if anyones thinks that blocking might help with my size problem basically can i make it smaller? The yarn that I choose is Terra and it is 60% merino, 20% baby alpaca, and 20% silk. Also can you try to block something to size and if it isn’t able to be changed then just unravel it and start over? I’ve never blocked anything before. I’ve only made socks and hats which obviously don’t need to be blocked. So any advice anyone has would be great. Thanks!

I do not think blocking might work in this situation, due to the 20% silk in the yarn.

is it possible to try and block the sweater and if i’m not able to change the size just take it apart and start over?

I’ve never “heard” of someone blocking a sweater and then undoing the work if it still didn’t conform to the size they were trying to achieve. However, I would think you could still do it; although, the yarn might be kind of “funky.”

I don’t think reusing it after you’ve blocked the sweater would make the yarn weird at all. You’re trying to make it smaller, not larger, so it wouldn’t be stretched out.

I think you could reuse the yarn after blocking if you unravel it carefully so it doesn’t mat. But before you do that, look at Bonne Marie Burns’ tutorial on reducing the size of a sweater. Here: