Can anything round be done on 2 circs?

Sleeves? Collars? I know you can do socks.

Can two circular needles always replace DPNs or a 16" circular?

Is it hard to shift things around if you are decreasing and need to “borrow” from the other needle?

I understand the concept of how to use 2 circs but have not yet put it into practice. I’m itching to join the club though - thinking I may give it a whirl on the collar of the sweater I am knitting even though I think the 20" I have will do the trick. :slight_smile:

I think you can do anything on two circs, but I’ve found that for really small things, dpns are simpler for me–less switching back and forth for a few stitches. But, in principle, you can do anything in the round with two circs.

You are always so helpful. :slight_smile:

Yes. But since buying the KP Options, I’m loving magic loop knitting for anything circular.

I use 2 circs for everything now even small things. Once you get comfortable with the method it’s no problem. I even did some baby hats on 2 circs. And believe me it nearly impossible to get a circular shawl started on dpns if you are using laceweight but using 2 circs works fine.

and really big things? you can use multiple sets of circs like dpn’s!

want to do a big afghan in the round? (think of the colorway ‘square’ afghan that Lion Brand has (for wool ease)–you could knit it on a 60 inch needle or on 4 29 to 32 inch ones (buy them at Michaels or ACMoore with 40% off coupons.)

work each needle in a ‘circle’ then switch to next needle (no need for an empty needle as with normal DPN’s.)

it’s easier to knit, too, since you only have 1/4 of stitches on each needle (lighter on the hands)

i like to use 2 circ for sweaters in the round, (one for front, one for back (and with care, you can try them on while still on needles. (anyone up to about a size 54 bust can!)

because 2 circ’s let you spread out, and see knitting, its easier to see mistakes right away too, (and fix them!)

What helen says… I’m doing the pinwheel sweater and I just added a 29" circ to the knitting. The other needle is a boye interchangeable with 16" and 21" cords joined, which makes it about 45".