Can anyone translate for an English knit?

Hi everyone

I’m very new here but been knitting for ages - since I was a kid anyhow. But I’ve been browsing around and am having some trouble with our common language!

Can you explain what ‘frogging’ is?

And also, does anyone know the UK equivalent to ‘fingering weight’, ‘worsted weight’ and ‘sport weight’?

We tend to have 2-ply (very thin), 3-ply (baby wool), 4-ply (used a lot with knitting machines, Double Knitting and Chunky.



Penny said:

Can you explain what ‘frogging’ is?

Frogging is ripping out work. Because when you do it quick it sounds like a ripp-it. Like a frog sounds. Your other questions I can’t help with but I’m sure someone will.

Oh and Welcome :waving:

Welcome Penny!

This page has charts for converting yarn and needle sizes. I link to this page on the bottom of all my free patterns pages, for future reference.


Thank you - I’ll be bilingual before you know it!