Can anyone tell me what pattern this is?

I’m a beginner and this is my first time trying to follow a pattern. The pattern was for a basic rib (row 1: start with knit, two knit, two purl, etc.; row 2: start with knit, two pulr, two knit, etc.). Somehow I did it wrong and ended up with a variation that I really like but I can’t figure out what I was doing…bc I thought I was following the pattern…lol. I only realized I wasn’t actually following the pattern when I made a mistake somewhere along the line and started actually doing the pattern correctly. I like my mistake pattern better, so I’m wondering if anyone is able to identify what I was actually doing? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

heres a link to the pics:

It’s called the mistake stitch rib.

That’s what I thought too, and I’m sure it’s still considered a mistake stitch rib…but I’m not sure that I understand how I converted my project into this pattern.

Everything I’m seeing says the stitches need to be in multiples of 4 plus 3. My original project has 40 stitches.

Also…everything for the msr pattern says to start with two knit, two purl, and so on until the end, then make the last stitch of the row purl. In my project, I was slipping the first stitch, then doing two knit, two purl, so on until the three stitches remained. Then those last two I would knit, ending with a purl. Then for row 2 I was slipping the first stitch, beginning with two purl, two knit, etc. until 3 stitches remained. Then purling 3. I continued this alternate pattern (or so I thought, which is why I’m having such trouble figuring out how I managed to achieve the msr pattern). When I was doing my version of the msr…my ending sequence was consistently inconsistent. For instance…sometimes I would end up with 4 purls at the end…or sometimes I would end up with 1 knit before 3 purls.

Whatever I was doing was giving me this nice (double stockinette?) border on either side…which is also something I’m not seeing with all of the msr pattern stuff I’m seeing out there.

I want to try to get this pattern back without doing too much experimental damage to my scarf. I’m completely at a loss!! :help: :hair:

Everything I’m seeing says the stitches need to be in multiples of 4 plus 3. My original project has 40 stitches.

That’s where you went off… the multiple of 4+3 being 39. So even though you slipped the first st to use the extra one and ended R 1 correctly, by slipping the first st of R 2, you moved one st over in the pattern. It’s still a mistake rib pattern, just one variation of it, there’s a few of them.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.

Am I supposed to be sliding the pattern over one stitch each time, in order to get the msr?

I was originally following pattern for a rib stitch scarf, which says:

“Row 1: Knit first stitch through back loop, (knit 2, purl 2) across row until 3 stitches remain, knit 2, bring yarn to front of work and slip last stitch purlwise.
Row 2: Knit first stitch through back loop, (purl 2, knit 2) across row until 3 stitches remain, purl 2, bring yarn to front of work and slip last stitch purlwise.”

My pattern called for 40 stitches. I was slipping the first stitch, in place of knitting the first stitch in each row. The pattern I was/am following calls for every row to begin with a knit stitch.

My problem is now…no matter what I do to try to replicate the msr…I’m still ending up with the actual rib that the pattern intends. I accidentally did the mistake rib for one row (I could tell bc it had the single row of prominent stockinette) but then I was back to the normal rib. I have no idea what I did…because I (think) I’m doing the same thing each time. I’m actually obviously not…bc I’m getting varying results.

I’m sorry if I’m being tedious. I’m super new to knitting and I’m so confused!!!

The pattern moved over because you’re slipping the first st on the WS row and starting with the 1st st of the pattern but you’re actually working on the 2nd st.

Are you trying to recreate what you did? Then look at your knitting and write it out stitch by stitch. Or if you’re trying to work the original pattern, try again with 39 sts and slip the first one, but don’t knit 2 to start. So the first row would be sl 1, p2, k2, etc to the end, and Row 2 would be sl 1 p, p2, k2. As I said before, you’ve made a variation, one of them.

I’m sorry…You’re really confusing me. I’m not sure that we’re understanding each other.

Am I reading the pattern wrong? Bc the way I’m reading it, I’m supposed to be starting off each row with a knit and ending with a purl. I don’t think I’m skipping any stitches. The slip is the first knit that each row calls for. So this isn’t actually throwing off the pattern at all.

I slipped the first stitch for every single row in my scarf and the rows in the beginning turned out msr and then I somehow messed that up (I think I dropped a stitch by accident cuz there’s a little hole right around where I started to do the actual rib). So I know that the first slip isn’t the problem since I did that the entire time.

Yes, I’m trying to recreate what I did. That’s the whole problem!! I can’t figure out how I did the MSR pattern with 40 stitches. I don’t really know how to ID my stitches by looking at them. I can sort of see which stitches are which, but it’s really hard to tell which row they belong to. If you have any good tips to help me ID my stitches…my miserable confusion very well may be able to end…lol.

My original rib pattern is working just fine with the 40 stitches (and slipping the first stitch of each row…as long as I purl the last stitch of each row, it all evens out, i guess)…but I really just want to go back to the msr pattern with my current 40 stitch scarf. I’ve gotten a pretty decent way into it. I don’t really want to trash it and start all over :frowning:

Thanks again!

I think I am confused on what you did and what you want to do. sorry.

If you dropped a stitch there would be a loose loop. What could have happened is that you added a stitch by moving your yarn over the needle instead of between the tips when you moved it for the knits and purls. That makes a hole and adds a stitch, so see if you still have 40 sts.