Can anyone tape today's Knitty Gritty for me?--Done! Thanks!

This is a re-run of the episode Marnie was on, and I’d love to see it! The website says it’s airing at 4:30pm EST today (Sunday). DIY network. The title of the episode should be “I luv the 80’s.”

Please please please?! :pray:


I’m doing it, Amy…but I just saw your request, so I don’t have a new video…so it’s recorded over something else…not sure what, though!! Hopefully it won’t turn out too badly

and i’m nosy…who’s marnie?

thanks, kelly!
amy, the tape is ready…pm or email me where u want it sent and my husband will ups it tomorrow. He manages a warehouses so he has constant ups dealings, so it’s not like he’s got to go to the store to do it, so don’t worry about that!! FYI…can’t be a po box, must be a physical address or ups won’t deliver

:cheering: Yay, woohooo! :cheering:

[color=indigo][size=6]Thanks Rebecca!!![/size][/color]

:heart: MUAH :heart:

I’m so psyched! Thanks a lot, it means a LOT to me! I couldn’t wait to get home tonight and see if anyone agreed to tape the show for me!..Yay, I’m so happy!

Marnie’s a member of the forum, who was a great presence the first few months when this site was getting off the ground; she was irreplacable in answering knitting Q’s etc. I originally “met her” by emailing her about a pattern of hers that I loved (her “Gothic Cardigan”), and she inspired me to write up my baby bees pattern, and that inspired me to work on my little knitting page on my personal site, and ultimately to turn that little page into This was all this past Fall! I credit her for helping me to get the ball rolling by being an enthusiastic knitting friend.

She’s been so important and sooooooo very helpful to me in so many ways; and yet we’ve never talked on the phone, never mind met in person. Just emails and forum posts. I just really want to see a video of her, it’ll be the next best thing to meeting her in person! :slight_smile:

I also am curious to check out knitty gritty. Marnie thinks I should contact them and see if they’ll have me on the show. But I’ve never even seen it, so first I want to see if a show is something I’d like to do!

I love the show. You would be a perfect guest. :cheering: Unfortunatly I missed todays episode. ~Brooke

You are so welcome…happy to have done it! Please keep the tape!
I have all of the Knitty Gritty shows on video if u would like to borrow them…and I wouldn’t let just anybody…lol! Largely bc my videoing leaves lots to be desired!! Just let me know and I’ll send along a video or 2…those I need back!
You would make a perfect guest for the show!! You should call the host, Vickie Howell. Go to and it will direct u to knitty gritty and u may be able to get some info that u need from there…there r video clips, etc. Also, she’s got other websites and I don’t remember the names…the diy knitty gritty site may direct u there, or just google her. The show is very cool, very now, very hip…as I said…u would be a perfect guest! It appears as tho they have finished this series of shows…so perhaps they r filming for the next series now!! Tell her I sent u…you’ll go to the head of the list…lol, j/k, of course!
U neglected to pm or email an address where u would like this delivered!..I’ll be looking
cya :XX: :XX:

It’s terribly funny to trip over a thread of people complimenting me. I’m tickled.
Last year, the shoot for knitty gritty was in autumn, if I recall. Amy, you’d be great on the show. It’s getting to the point where they’ve really covered a lot of basic techniques, so what they’ll be looking for is a general theme. If you do write them, i highly recommend pitching a couple of general ideas. Here’s the page with the contact info for the show:

I just found out they “aren’t in production” right now.

Hmmm, Rebecca, you didn’t get my message? :?? I’ll send it again. Thanks again for doing that!

Hi Marnie! :waving: You’re right on time! :wink: I can’t wait to “meet you” sort of, via video tape! :smiley: Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Hmmm, they’re not in production, does that just mean a little break, or that … :shock: …they might not come back next season? gasp Nahhh, couldn’t be. …Right???

:doh: Hope I didn’t miss my 15 min. of fame! LOL. Actually, it would be sort of a relief. Part of me thinks it would be great fun, and part of me would be nervous as hell being on a show like that! What if I can’t tame my hair enough for the 2 hours of filming? What if I can’t relax? What if I totally relax, and say the word “like” a gazillion times when talking, which I have a horrible tendency to do (bad habit from high school, still haven’t dropped it). :oops: I’m pretty confident in most situations. But national TV? Gulp. Marnie, you impress me, girlfriend! Was it just a walk in the park for you?.. :notworthy:


Hey Amy,
I think they actually filmed both this and next season in their last round, so they may not film again until next year. As long as the ratings are good, they’ll keep the show going.

As for the scariness level, it’s really not bad. There are probably a dozen people on set, at most and they are all very friendly and welcoming. Before your shoot, your segment producer walks you through your segment and has you do a couple dry runs. You get a “script” before hand to sign off on but you are not expected to memorize anything, just convers as you always do. So you demo every step, answer questions you know are coming and that’s it. They have guests talk directly to the host so you don’t even have to worry about talking into a camera.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s any scarier than teaching a small group of strangers to knit. There’s the factor that you don’t know the people and you are expected to be an expert, but beyond that, you at least know that you have one common goal in mind.

I don’t think it even crossed my mind that what I was doing would be seen by millions. I just went with it. :thumbsup:

Hey Amy, even if the show is “resting” till next year I think you should be in contact with Vicki Howell anyway. Maybe the two of you could collaborate on a book or something. Or a spin off show called knitting help or something. It’s worth a shot.

Hey Marnie, love yer website. How did you ever get a cool gig like that working for a yarn company??? I wanna do that? Have them give you yarn and you just make up patterns with it. How cool is that!!! :drooling:

i have a slightly off topic type question here…but only slightly :wink:

is there a place on there to see the segment videos? I have only been able to find a few (one for a VERY cool scarf that i haven’t quite figured out yet but i will darn it!! I feel like i am missing something but i can’t figure out where they are.

hey brenda…go to…go to ‘diy shows a - z’ then to knitty gritty…then u should be directed to all of the shows and i’m pretty certain they have all of the directions on there, even lots have some video.
fyi…u talking about the illusion scarf?

and feministmama…i agree with u whole heartedly!!

Thanks Marnie, that gives me a better idea. I’d definitely do better on a set like that then with some kind of live audience format! I actually worked at a local TV station for a while, and got pretty comfortable in front of the camera. Sounds like you had the perfect mindset!

Okay, I’ll check out the show when I get it, and then look into contacting Vicki Howell this Spring; good idea feministmama.


it is this one…,2025,DIY_14141_3520331,00.html

Sorry i can’t figure out how to insert the hyper link into the text on here…anyway she makes it look verrrrrrry easy. i watched the video and thought “why is that intermediate…that looks pretty simple!” then i tried to do it…yeeesh…whatta mess i had…will have to try again with different yarn i think.

So i am assuming that means though that not all the shows have video attached to them? That makes me feel better cuz i thought that i was missing them when i went out there.

no, i’m afraid that they all don’t have videos…but, when i saw that show i knew it looked familiar…it’s in the book, “knit scarves” I think it’s around $15 retail, but I have a 50% off coupon at michaels eons ago when i got mine. in the book the scarf is called “mohair & lace”…your library might have it!!I would jump at the chance to say that I would give u the pattern out of my book…but i don’t know if that’s allowed…someting we should ask amy about

aah no the pattern is there…it is just a matter of me figuring out how to do ith without it looking a mess…cuz when i did the first set of stitches it looked pretty bad …lol thank you though!!