Can anyone suggest a substitute for this felting yarn?

I’d like to knit this felted bag; it’s my very first bag so I wanted something very easy to start with:

But I can’t find the yarn they’re asking to use anywhere in any of my local stores, and I’d really rather not buy it online. Can anyone suggest a substitute that I could find in my local Michael’s, Joanne’s, or Hobby Lobby? I’m afraid to just go pick up any felting yarn because it might not be the same ply or amount as the stuff in this pattern; plus, if I substitute, I don’t know how many stitches to cast on or how to otherwise modify the pattern to fit the bag.

Thoughts? TIA.

well, lion wool is 100% wool and available at most michaels stores. Also, patons sws (soy wool stripes) felts and looks great.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does the Lion Brand wool ease thick and quick yarn felt? I already have a ball of that and this might be a good way to use it.

No, Wool ease will not felt as it is mostly acrylic. I do like the SWS and if you go to Michaels or Joann’s, they usually have a before and after felted swatch you can look at to see if you like the effect. Patons Merino felts, but mostly solid or varigated colors that will not give you the same look as the Noro.

Good Luck!

I think the Patons SWS will be closest to the color striping if you want to try to duplicate that.

JMO, make a swatch and felt it. I have had some wool yarns not felt well at all. It’s a lot of work to knit a bag only to find it ruined.

Noro is a very pretty yarn. Not sure if you have Pacific Fabrics, but they carry Noro.

Kureyon by Noro is worsted weight so any other worsted weight wool would work. It’s gotta be all wool, not a blend. I vote for the Patons as well. Lion Brand Wool didn’t felt properly for me. :frowning: I’ve found Patons in both Joann’s and Michaels. They give you a gauge in the pattern so check it to make sure your substituted yarn is knitting up like you expected it to.

If you wanted to experiment with dying while you’re at it, you could get some Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool and dye it. (It only comes in 2 colors because it’s undyed, but it also comes in huge skeins–465 yards for around 8 or 10 dollars).

Hi tia…

Your posted link resembles the very bag that I am working on with some friends. We are using a nonwashable wool yarn. Our skeins cost some 15.00 each. We are starting out with 2 skeins of the same color for the base of the bag.

Hope this helps.

I’ve used Patons Merino Wool for felting several projects and I’m very pleased with it. I buy it at Michael’s and JoAnn’s. I’ve used both the solid and the varigated colorways.

Thanks for everyone who responded for their suggestions. Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier - my computer’s been acting obnoxiously lately and turning itself off for no reason and then not turning back on when I press the power button, gah! But I digress.

I think I will go with the Patons, but I couldn’t find Patons SWS at Joanne’s. I hope the other kind of Patons, the one that is 100% wool, is one of the ones that will felt.

There is no Pacific Fabrics store near me, I’ve never even heard of it.

Zakadsmom, what brand of yarn are you using for your bag? $15 a skein sounds way too expensive for me, but I’m curious. And are you going to attach a way to close the bag?