can anyone see where I went wrong?

I made a cool blanket, but the dog chewed a few of the strands in the middle of it so I unraveled it all the way to the damaged part and started fresh with a new row …then after a few rows I noticed my new rows (and even my edges) don’t look like they originally did, the rows are like a lot closer together and poofier … I thought I did it the same but I’m doing something different on these new rows and I just don’t know what! It’s all garter stitch, the only thing I THOUGHT I was doing different from the pattern’s instructions was slipping the first stitch (a tip for neater edges that I saw in a video). Any idea why my new rows are squished together and the original work was farther apart? Thank you in advance! Please reply as if I were 5 because I am a total beginner LOL! Picture:

I expect it’s a difference in tension. Either you’re using larger needles or you’re knitting looser. Either could be the culprit.

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Ok, tension, I’ll buy that! Needles are def the same as I have only 2 pair and they are WAY diff in size (11-straight and 19-circular) lol. As I’m writing this I’m stretching the new rows and they are starting to look exactly like the orig! That must be what it was! Thank you!!!

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Yes I agree it has to do with your tension

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Thank you also! I feel pretty dumb LOL I am glad I found some nice people to ask though before I unraveled all those rows only to find no change!

Don’t feel dumb when it happens to me (frequently) I call it brain freeze.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Lol right, the same happens to me, I suddenly can’t remember or question everything I’m doing!

So the blanket was already made? Had you washed it previously? The difference to me looks like blocked vs. unblocked, which could totally just be because you washed it.

(However, tension is the most likely culprit, as the others said. It’s difficult to match at times because everything from our mood to the time of day can effect it.)