Can anyone identify this knit?

So my grandmother made this blanket years ago and I was wondering if anyone could identify the type of knit? Forgive me if I’m using the wrong wordage as I’m not familiar with knitting lol. Not sure if this is relevant but the blanket is extremely heavy!



Looks kind of like crochet rather than knit. The close up of the blue especially looks like single crochet but I could definately be wrong, the texture is throwing me off ;:slight_smile:

It very well could be, I have no clue. I wouldn’t know the difference sadly :frowning:
Are these any better?

Possibly Tunisian crochet? It makes a pretty firm fabric. Yarn could be cotton, which is heavier than wool. It’s a handsome blanket.


Yes, @Lmyers, your hunch is correct. It is definitely Tunisian crochet. Very well made and I love the colors!


Wow thank you all very much for the help! My grandma would be delighted that you like the blanket! :slight_smile:
If you know of any (looking for plural crochet lol) that can make blankets like this one, please let me know as I would like to order 5 blankets if possible?

Thank you!! It was bugging me, it didn’t look quite like crochet once I saw the better picture, definitely not knit, and the only tunisian I have done is washcloth samplers lol.

@cseman You can search Etsy for Tunisian crochet afghans (but not patterns for sale), then contact the shop to ask if they would be willing to work on a commissioned project. You should be prepared to spend at least $100 for each one, maybe more depending on the size and yarn.