Can anyone help?

Hi am wondering if you can help me figure out how many stitches i need for my wedding dress . my measurements are my bust is 38 inches and my hips are 39 inches. and my waist is 34 inches(with a shapewear on). i am 5’0 foot tall and wanting flats at the wedding so no heels. I have a dress slip to go under it. the back will be up higher also.

I am wanting to do something like this photo. but i am wanting the skirt to start mid thigh.

for the skirt i am wanting to alternate 5 layers of 3-4 tiers of these patterns.


for the rest pf the thigh and hips i want to so these two charts which is clue 4-5 on monicas shawl going 5,4,5,4 . I am wanting to work the dress from skirt and up.

(Skirt pattern but not the design i am wanting. next link is for the design)

After those i am wanting to alternate between these too. after chart 4 and 5. for the rest of the dress then just add knitted straps. i am having a very low back.

between to patterns above and alternating threw out the top with the pattern below…;

for the top of the dress and between the designs for above the skirt. . using size us000 for between the designs above the skirt. the rest of the ones using size us 3 or 4.

I am just scared ill calculate wrong and make it to small or to big.

the last photo is the dress slip i have. it is the same one but the back isnt v its up higher to where the straps end is where the back is at, and its rounded.

I also found some pearls that i am thinking about using on the back when binding off to so along the edge and the straps.

Wow, this wedding dress gets more spectacular with every pattern stitch!
Best thing to do is to knit swatches for the various stitches with your yarn and needles. That way you can see the drape and laciness of the patterns. Once you have some good swatches in hand, you’ll be able to determine the number of sts/inch and then the number of sts for your measurements. You’ll also know how much ease you want with the dress.
It’s a big project with not much of a basic blueprint. You might want to find a dress pattern to use as a guide for your chosen stitch patterns.