Can anyone help?

Does anyone know where in the UK I can get my hands on 2 skeins of ‘Noro Iro’ yarn? (100g. 131yds)

I would love to make a Ponchette from my page a day calender (October 13&14 2007, if you have one.) And yes I know it’s not October yet but I couldn’t wait. I’m getting colder and I need to make something to wrap up in.

I just can’t seem to find any shops that stock it. :wall:

Yarn Market has it… and they ship internationally. :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Glad you are back in action , even if it is your fingers.:slight_smile:

I will ask around and see if anyone knows where to get it or if anyone has any. has it - I’ve used them a lot and they’re fantastic. Glad you’re back with us :slight_smile: hugs

Glad to see the ‘NO KNITTING’ rule has been lifted!! :hug:

As if I could have possible stuck to that! :teehee: I’m knitting with my hands in my lap, I showed the doctor and he said it was fine and praised my determination. I explained that I couldn’t just sit and do nothing.

Thanks Rita that will be a big help.

Just looked at the ‘dreamyarns’ thread, jeepers! Didn’t realize the stuff was so expensive. I was sent my last ball as a gift, I was a lucky girl. I hope I can find it somewhere else a little cheaper or I may have to rethink my project.

Thanks everyone for the help.

You welcome Elli,

I have my beady eyes on the lookout lol

I would say its a good day when your big problem is laying your hands on some Noro.:teehee: Continue to feel better:hug:

Very true Jeremy! I feel much better for a good nights sleep and some nice home cooking. I’m feeling the cold though, but that’s natural after an operation apparently.

Found some here

If it is cheaper for us to get it here and ship it to you, I would gladly do that for you.