Can anyone help

Would anyone be able to help. I am making a hat and the pattern says


I tried bringing the yarn forward, slipping one purlwise and then taking the yarn back before knitting 1 again. i ended up with far too many stitches.

If anyone could advise what i am doing wrong i would really appreciate it.


What is the name of your pattern?
Are you bringing the yarn to the front between the needles?

hi it is snuggle double knitting 3108.

i was bringing the yarn forward then back

The pattern goes

K1 *SLP, KL repeat to end
k1, YFT, SLP, YBK rep to end k1

The first row is fine but the second line I am bringing the yarn towards me then doing a slip one purlways then taking the yarn back and doing the next K1, but i ended up with way too many stitches.

Any help, greatly appreciated.



Can you post a photo of your knitting? Use the landscape icon in the center of the upper ribbon in the Reply box.
Is your stitch count correct after row 1?
If you’re bringing the yarn to the front between the needles or to the back between the needles you shouldn’t be creating new sts.

Yes that is my pattern exactly. my stitch count was correct after the first row, i will have another try and see what happens. tHank you.

OK, come back if it’s still giving you problems.

Hello that has worked fine, thank you, i was over complicating it and making and extra stitch every two stitches.

Just to say I really appreciate having this forum for help, its great as there is nowhere else to get help.