Can anyone help?

I am looking for the yarn requirements to knit the daisy embroidered skirt from the most recent Vogue knitting magazine. There is a skirt that I want to knit (the pink/white/green one on the cover), and I finally found the yarn that I want (it goes on sale tomorow at, but we are in the middle of packing our house and all of my knitting magazines are packed. So, I need to know how many balls of each color to order. I have a 41" hip and a 30" waist. Can someone help me out??



Is it the one with the panels from spring/summer? Oh, yeah. There is green on that. I have it. Just a second and I’ll look it up.

For the 30 inch waist=

6 (1 3/4 oz/50 g) hanks (175 yd/160 m) Koigu KPM in pink

1 hank in cream

small amount in natural (why don’t they just say one hank, like you’re going to have it lying around?)

For the 33 inch waist=

7 hanks pink

1 cream

1 natural

Have fun ordering! :thumbsup: Don’t lose your mind during the move! :heart:

Thank you!!! Thank you!!

You’re very welcome! :thumbsup: