Can anyone help with my knitting pattern?


I am knitting a sweater for my granddaughter. The first part is straightforward and I have completed it:

Pattern notes: This sweater is knit from the bottom up. The body is worked to the underarms, then it is set aside while both sleeves are worked. The body & sleeves are then joined as one for the yoke.

Directions: Body Using 16’’ circular needle, cast on 101(112,123,134) sts, pm, join in the round being careful not to twist. Work in st st until piece measures 6(7,8,9)’’ with the bottom edge rolled slightly (or to desired length).

What follows is the part I am having difficulty understanding. Can anyone clarify for me, step by step, exactly what I need to do?

Next rnd: k4(4,5,5) sts, place last 8(9,10,11) sts on a holder for the right underarm, removing marker (the sts put on the holder include the sts just knit, plus some sts from the previous rnd). K 51(56,62,67) sts, place last 8(9,10,11) sts on a holder for the left underarm. K across the front of the sweater to the first st holder. Set knitting aside with yarn still attached.

Thank you in anticipation of some clarity!!

(If you want to see the pattern picture, it is available on, called Skinny Sweater…the one on a cute toddler with long black hair).

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Start at the beginning of round and (for the smallest size for example) knit 4 sts. Now slip those 4sts plus the last 4sts from the previous round onto a holder. (Essentially, you’re placing the last 8sts on the right needle onto the holder.) This is the right underarm. Knit 51sts across the back and again place the last 8sts knit onto the right needle on a stitch holder. This is the left underarm. Now knit across the front of the sweater to the right underarm and stop, leaving the working yarn ball attached.
On the next round, you’ll probably be told to work over the sts on hold from the sleeve. These will take the place of the underarm sts.

It’s a very sweet little sweater.

Thank you so much!! That suddenly makes perfect sense:) I can now visualise what the pattern is asking me to do. I will give it a try today. I think what confused me was picking up the ‘last stitches’, i.e. apparently going back! Anyway, hopefully I can now move forward with this project. Thanks again!