Can anyone help me?

I have a problem with my knitting at the moment
It’s Irish Moss Stitch but when I am decreasing the pattern goes awry

You won’t be able to follow the moss stitch rows as originally written. You could look at the row and taking the decrease into account decide how to continue the row and work subsequent rows.
But there is a much easier way to do this: read your knitting. So for moss stitch, make your decrease then look to the row below the current row. If the next row is a row 2 of the paired rows, work the next stitch on the left needle the same as the row below. In other words if there is a knit stitch below the next stitch, work the next stitch as a knit. If there’s a purl on the row below, work the next stitch as a purl.
If the decrease row is a row 1 of the paired rows, work the next stitch on the needle opposite to the stitch on the row below. If the row below shows a purl, work a knit stitch. If the row below is a knit, work a purl row.
Is this the moss stitch that you’re using or a different one?


No it’s Irish Moss not just Moss

There are some differences in what are called moss stitch, Irish moss, double moss and seed stitch. As I understand it Irish moss and the moss stitch I linked to are the same at least in the US, a 4 row repeat.

Maybe it would help if we know the name of your pattern and designer or if you can post a photo of the moss pattern stitch you have been working?

That aside, perhaps this article will help with staying in pattern while decreasing.

This is the pattern I’m using

Thank you, that’s helpful. It’s moss or Irish moss as defined in video I just posted.
The easiest way to work the decreases is to cast off or decrease, then look to the next stitch on the left needle. That’s the stitch from the row below. Use that as a guide to how to work the current row.
So for one example, if your decrease row is a row 1, the first two sts are a k and p. Those will be worked together if you are placing the decrease at the edge. The next stitch on the left needle shows a bump (it was a knit on the preceding row). Since the current row is a row 1, knit the next stitch and continue with the patterns alternating knit and purl sts.

You should be able to see after 2 or 3 sts whether you’ve got the pattern correct or not. If as an example it suddenly looks like ribbing, undo the last couple of sts and work knits instead of purls or vice versa.

If all this seems over the top, you can always write out the row ends as a kind of chart
k p k p k p k p k and cross off the stitches as you bind off or decrease.

Here is a helpful video on how to follow a set pattern by “reading” your stitches from just one and two rows below the needle.