Can anyone help me?

I am trying to make the basic sock from silvers totorial using magic loop knitting and I am getting ready to finish my ribbing and then I will need to divide for the heel and I am not sure how can anyone help? :??

You are going to be using your first half of stitches for the heel. I assume you have the stitches evenly divided, half on one needle and half on the other, right? Well if so, all you will do is start knitting (or whatever the directions are for the heel flap) and when you get to the end of the first half of stitches, just turn the whole thing around and begin working back and forth on the heel flap stitches. You can leave the other half of stitches right on the cable where they are. Let me know if you need further ideas.

Thanks Knitqueen I think I get it !! :happydance:

You’re welcome. Let me know if you have further questions. I actually really like socks on magic loop, especially where the heel is involved. It just seems to work so smoothly to me, even with the picking up of stitches.

yeah I noticed that it has been a lot easier on my fingers sometimes the ribbing especially gets to me but it has gone smoother with magic loop.

Ok I have my turned heel and I am ready to start picking up stitches I am not sure how though :??

Okay, so you’ve turned the heel and now have your small # of stitches left, right? Did you work a WS row last? If so, you’re ready to start picking up stitches, if not, work one more WS row.

Continue with the SAME needle that your stitches are currently on, and pu along the edge immediately next to where your working yarn is, however many stitches your pattern specifies. Now you should be up to the other stitches that have been on hold up to this point. Now you will do what you do to start any round of magic loop knitting - get those ‘on hold’ stitches up to the tip of one end of your circular needle and use the other needle tip (the one you have just been using to pick up stitches) to work across these ‘instep’ stitches. Now you will continue on with the same needle, the one that has all those stitches that you just worked on it and pick up stitches along the other heel flap edge. You will then likely need to work across half of the stitches that you had left from when you turned the heel (your pattern should specify this) and this will be your new beginning of the round.

Now you will probably need to re-distribute your stitches so they are evenly divided on the two needles with the new beginning of the round stitch as the first stitch on the needle closest to you.

Does this help? Oh, and don’t forget to place markers before the first stitch of the instep stitches and after the last stitch of the instep stitches. This is how you will know where to do the gusset decreases.

Thanks I think I get it!

ok Knitqueen I screwed up my cable is not long enough at all and I had to frog it :crying: but that inspired me to purchase my first Addi turbos :happydance: so I will be making my 2nd attempt as soon as they arrive!!!

What length were you working with?

it is 29 inches the one I ordered is 40

40" is perfect for socks. I’ve made it work on 32" before but longer is better. I’m not surprised you had trouble with the 29" :frowning: . Good luck on round 2!! :thumbsup:

Thanks I am excited to try my addis :happydance: :happydance:

Ok I just got my addi’s in the mail and have already cast on for my second attempt at magic loop socks I am so excited!!! :happydance:

You will notice SUCH a difference with the Addis. It makes magic loop so enjoyable and fast. The flexible cable is amazing. :smiley:

(You got your needles super fast!!! :thumbsup: )

I know they are like heaven I am making the mate to a sock I did with dpn’s and the magic loop sock looks so much better I have only gotten about 2 inches of the ribbing done and I can already see the difference!

I just finished my first magic loop sock and I am so happy I will post pics later :XX: