Can anyone help me with this?

Can anyone tell me if I am knitting in the round for the last part of this hooded sweater I’m doing? I’ve uploaded the section of pattern which is the neckband. Also the last row of the button hole bit it says to drop one wrap each hole. Does this mean only wrap around once instead of twice?

It seems to me that the bands and trim on the hood are knit back and forth in rows. You can check this by looking at the instructions for finishing. The bands may be overlapped at the center front and stitched down.
When you make the yarn over buttonhole, wrap the yarn around the needle twice for the yarn over. On the next row, when you come to the yarn over, drop one of the wraps and knit into the one remaining on the needle. The idea is to make a slightly bigger hole than a single yarn over would make.

Thanks very much! I can now finish the dratted thing :slight_smile: