Can anyone help me understand this pattern?

Hi everyone

I am new here and danish, so I am not so used to the english way of writing patterns and I cannot for the life of me figure out this pattern (especially the 9th row…which 2 strands are they speaking of? It is a trim which is called “garter stitch loops”…Hope that someone can help?

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Cast on 4 sts.
1st row (RS) Slip 1, k 3.
2nd row Slip 1, k 3.
3rd row Cast on one st by working k in the next st without slipping it off, transfer the new st from the right-hand to the left-hand needle; inserting the needle between the first 2 sts on left-hand needle each time, cast on 6 more sts in this way, making a total of 11 sts; bind off 7 sts, k to end. 4 sts.
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th rows Slip 1, k 3.
9th row With right-hand needle pick up 2 strands of last cast-on st, k first st on left-hand needle then slip strands over this st, k to end.
10th row Slip 1, k 3.
Repeat 1st-10th rows, ending with a 1st pattern row.
Bind off.

Trim directions reproduced by permission from
150 Knitted Trims by Leslie Stanfield, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2007

The cast on st from R 3.

I worked this on the needles to see how it worked. Yes, you pick up the 2 strands that make up the bottom of the last cast on stitch from the instructions on row 3. In more detail… you have a little projection from the 7 sts that were cast on and then bound off on the instructions from row 3. The last stitch that was cast on is the one out at the far end of that projection (farthest from the little bit of knitting you have made). The cast on would be on the bottom of that projection (the top would be where you bound off). So turn that little projection thing so that you can look at the bottom edge of it (like the thickness of a piece of paper–that edge)and run the right needle under 2 little strands of yarn there (I guess they want 2 to make it stronger, there really seems only to be one, but select 2 to use). Those would be the ones you use. I think. :slight_smile:

I tried this pattern over 20 rows (2 of the loop things) and it turned out with one loop on one side and the second loop on the other side. Is that the way it is supposed to work or did I count my rows wrong to cause that placement of things? I thought the loops were all going to be on the same side. :lol:

:lol: I see why mine turned out wrong, I skipped row 10. I found the picture of the trim on the Lion Brand site, and the pattern just as you had given it.

I’ve done some more of it and here are some more things I have learned. I think it works best if you slip the stitches at the beginning of rows knitwise (or since you are sewing the trim on, you might choose not to slip them at all). Also when you put your right needle tip into the 2 strands of the last cast on stitch, there are two different ways you can insert the needle-- from the front of the work toward the back or from the back toward the front. I’m not sure which way they intend you to do it. Doing it from the front keeps the loop from twisting and I think it looks better, but I’m not sure how they did it (maybe there are more than 2 choices).

Thank you soooooo much for your advice :slight_smile: I also tried it again yesterday, but it looked strange and I suspect it might be because of the slipped stiches. I will try your approach tonight. Thanks again :slight_smile: