Can anyone help me figure out the Berry Stitch?

Good morning everyone,

Is there anyone out there that can help me figure out the Berry stitch for the " Knitting Neede Knitting Bag" pattern?? It is at

Know matter how I knit this with the purl3tog I end up losing stitches. I cannot figure this out. I KNOW it must be simple and I am missing something in my steps. I have swatched over and over and get get it right.


I appolgize if the address I gave was wrong. I is

thanks this looks like it would knit up so fast and in time for Christmas

That’s the email address…

Is it like this -

I am making that bag myself. I was doing that myself. I just make sure that on picking up the three stitches I really look to make sure I picked up three. That is what is giving you the wrong count at the end. It is now working out great and no more wrong counts at the end. I also put a stitch marker for the two stitches at either end. I have a bad habit of not doing them knit without them. I hope this helps you I now have one side done on to the second. This is my take along when picking up my grandkids from shcool.