Can anyone find or write a pattern for me?

The beauty of Pinterest is its so many options, but they lead to nothing! I am dying to make this and it looks simple enough, but cannot locate the pattern. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

If I attempt it myself, I’ll end up knitting a potato sack.

It’s called a capelet tunic, found it here:

Thank you in advance!

Well, it looks a little like a potato sack with holes for the arms. :teehee: I don’t know of a pattern and writing one would be very time consuming. It doesn’t look too difficult for you to experiment with though.

Agree it’d be super easy to at least try something. (Not sure if you’ve seen the other pictures out there that show all the different ways to wear this thing, but it is pretty cool.)

Looks like you just need a tube, length being from the middle of your hips to the top of your head (maybe longer?). Width needs to be either the circumference of your shoulders or hips with whatever desired ease you want. I’d guess go with the bigger measurement, maybe. It looks like she has negative ease at the shoulders in the cream, but when it’s flipped so the cream is at the bottom, lots of positive ease there. The width is probably going to be the toughest part to figure out.

Knit all in stockinette (turn inside out for different look!). One third in one color, change to the other color for a couple of rows - maybe an inch? - then bind off for armholes. (Basically, they’re huge buttonholes. Size up to you, but directly across from each other in the tube.)

Knit in the second color until it’s the other 2/3rds in length, and there you go.

(Some of this coming from other pics of the item, which allow you to see the color proportions, armholes, etc., better - for one. I’m guessing on the 1/3-2/3 thing. You might start with a provisional cast on, then add as you go to get the length of each section where you want it.)

I hadn’t, thank you! This is very helpful. I am a knitting dummy, I can only complete projects with patterns and that takes some serious concentration, but I will surely experiment. It kind of looks like a big circle.

Thanks for the help!