Can anyone figure out this pattern (easy, I'm sure)

Okay, I know this scarf looks completely basic, and I see that it involves ribbing, which I can do. I tried finding the pattern instructions on Plymouth Yarn’s website, but they never explained how to get the pattern info. Anyhow, can anyone tell about how many stitches I would have to cast on?

This would be my first major knitting project. Right now I am knitting a garter-stitch scarf with Berroco Softy yarn. So, mistakes cannot be seen and it’s only knit-stich the whole time. So it’s really easy.

Anyhow, any instructions to this scarf would be helpful, or a link to another scarf similar in style. Still so new to this all! This site has been infinitely helpful!

It looks like only 12 stitches across. Must be very bulky yarn. Here are some free scarf patterns that you might want to look through.

And welcome!!

Brilliant! Thank you! I’m clicking and clicking and finding so many good things to do :slight_smile: