Can anyone explain this

keep pattern correct bind off 2(2-3-2-1) sts. at beginning of next row. work 1 row.
next row k1, sl 1,k1,psso, work to last 2sts., k2tog.
next row p1, work to last 2 sts,p2
*continue to dec 1 sts at raglan edge on next and every alt row as before at the same time dec 1 sts at neck edge as before on 3rd row,then every following 4th row 1(2-1-1-1) times 13 (13-18-22-26) sts remain, then every following 6th row 2(2-3-4-5) times 5(5-6-6-6-) sts remain.
keeping neck edge straight continue to dec at raglan edge only, until 3sts. remain dec 1sts. at neck edge only on following alt row .bind off 2 remaining sts. thanks

What seems to be missing is the initial bindoff in the center for the beginning of the neckline. Had you already started the neck shaping in the instructions prior to the ones in your post? What kind of garment is this? Can you send a link to a finished example? Looking at the model/picture, can you tell if the neckline begins before or after the raglan arm shaping?